New filmmaker in the Canyon Cinema catalog: James Sansing

Posted May 25th, 2017 in New Acquisitions, News / Events

Canyon Cinema is delighted to welcome the work of  filmmaker James Sansing. New to Canyon but already well known to the film-going public in the Bay Area and beyond, Canyon is pleased to offer these two recent works on celluloid by Sansing:


Verses (2012 | 4 minutes | B&W | SILENT | 35mm)

Verses is a film that animates old water damaged and moldy books. The books are juvenile hall ledgers from the 1940’s – 1960’s. The ledgers were written by councilors on the daily observations of the children in their charge. The Rorschach patterns that have naturally formed in the books remind one of the psychological impact this institution had on the children detained there.


Forsaken (2011 | 6 minutes | B&W | SILENT | 16mm)

Forsaken explores the abandoned juvenile hall that the ledgers in Verses were found. Parts of this film were photographed over many years revealing the physical change in the building. The neglect of the building is a metaphor for the children who had once lived there.

Besides the footage of curtains, wind, and some pans or tilts, this is mostly a film made of stills, achieving movement with flash frames, slight changes in composition and editing. this film has 500 cuts in 6min. The room with the curtain was filmed over several years.