Four new 16mm titles from filmmaker Paul Turano now available for rental !

Posted June 26th, 2017 in New Acquisitions, News / Events

Four new films by Paul Turano are now available for rental from Canyon Cinema.



First Light on South St. (2013 | 11.5 minutes |COLOR |SOUND)

The first weeks with our newborn twins, getting used to waking up early, the new sounds in the house, imagining the world through their eyes. Prompted by Bartók’s études — Mikrokosmos, book 1. This is the third installment in a series of films that explore the structures and strategies of short musical forms from the late 19th and early 20th century as inspirations for the cinematic treatment of personal experiences.



Footprints in the Snow (2011 | 4.5 minutes | B&W | SILENT)

With a day off during a heavy winter storm, I defrosted my last few rolls of Plus-X B+W reversal film that were stowed away in my freezer and set out to a nearby park seeking reverie with nature. Part of a series of films inspired by late 19th and early 20th century short musical forms, typically featuring solo instruments, this work was prompted by Debussy’s (Des pas sur la Neige) (Footprints in the Snow).



Albumleaf (2010 | 7 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

A portrait film shot during sunset at the end of winter, full of the joys of melancholy. Inspired by the late-19th-century romantic musical form, the albumblatt – a short, spontaneous, and improvisational piece.



Not Clear Cut (2012 | 7.5 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

A small instance of collateral damage from the recent financial crisis, Not Clear Cut portrays the challenging decision my parents made to harvest 40 acres of 70+ year-old hardwood trees as an attempt to make up for money lost. An afternoon was spent surveying the aftermath in their backwoods in rural southeastern Connecticut, and talking to my father about the repercussions of destroying a wilderness area we had hoped to preserve from such a calamity. The poetic visual and auditory