9/13/17 // The Early Years

Posted September 5th, 2017 in Canyon Cinema 50, Co-Presentations, News / Events

The Early Years

The Early Years
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 // 7:00 PM
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive // 2155 Center Street, Berkeley
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Lawrence Jordan in person.

When the formation of Canyon Cinema was announced, it was described as “a federation of willing devotees of the magic lantern muse”; Lawrence Jordan topped the charts with nineteen films in the collection. At its incorporation a few months later, Jordan was the new corporation’s president, one of its four directors, and a cosigner of the bylaws. His films have been distributed by Canyon ever since. This program highlights works from 1961 to 1969 by artists involved with Canyon’s exhibition or distribution programs in its early years. We open with two recent collage films by Jordan.

The Early Years

All works are presented in 16mm unless otherwise indicated.

Time Travel by Lawrence Jordan (2017, 10 min, color)
Entr’acte III by Lawrence Jordan (2017, 2 min, color)
All My Life by Bruce Baillie (1966, 3 min, color)
I Change I Am the Same by Alice Anne Parker Severson (1969, 1 min, B&W)
Cosmic Ray by Bruce Conner (1961, 5 min, B&W)
Doggie Diner and Return of Doggie Diner by Lenny Lipton (1969, 7 min, color)
Schmeerguntz by Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley (1966, 15 min, B&W)
Hot Leatherette by Robert Nelson (1967, 5 min, B&W)
Big Sur: The Ladies by Lawrence Jordan (1964, 3 min, B&W)
The Dream Merchant by Lawrence Jordan (1964, 3 min, B&W)
Pink Swine by Lawrence Jordan (1963, 3 min, B&W)
Our Lady of the Sphere (35 mm) by Lawrence Jordan (1969, 10 min, color)

This is the first screening in a fall series celebrating Canyon Cinema 50 decade by decade, presented in conjunction with the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive. For a complete list of the events planned, click here.