1/30/18 // Red Shift + Daughters of Chaos

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Red Shift + Daughters of Chaos

Red Shift + Daughters of Chaos
Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 // 7:00pm
Little Roxie Theater // 3117 16th Street, San Francisco
$11.00 General Admission
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The personal and poetic cinema of Gunvor Nelson’s Red Shift and Marjorie Keller’s Daughters of Chaos explore relationships between mothers and daughters, the mysteries of growing up and growing old.

Red Shift + Daughters of Chaos

Red Shift by Gunvor Nelson (1984, 50 min, B&W)
RED SHIFT is a film in black and white about relationships, generations and time. The subtitle is ALL EXPECTION. The movement of a luminous body toward and away from us can be found in its spectral lines. A shift toward red occurs with anybody that is self-luminous and receding. There is uncertainty about how much observable material exists.

“It involves Gunvor Nelson, her mother and her daughter. Carefully and with great tenderness, it focuses on these three women, trying to show us their relationship, succeeding with an emotional impact that is hardly ever found in such a subject. It is not the social context which is exploited but the little gestures, everyday events. RED SHIFT is a radical film; it sets new measures for avant-garde filmmaking dealing with personal problems.” -Alf Bold, The Arsenal, Berlin

Daughters of Chaos by Marjorie Keller (1980, 20 min, color)
“The film deals simultaneously with girls becoming women, woman looking back on her childhood. It is pervaded with voluptuousness, with longing: the woman, disappointed in love, looking for lost innocence, the girl yearning for the power of her sex.” -Anne Becker

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