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Catalog 8_2000 1994 supp 1993 supp

1990 supp (1) Catalog 6 supp_ 1988 Catalog 5 supp_1982

  Catalog 4_1976  catalog 1992

from top left –
Canyon Cinema Catalog #8 (2000) – Cover art by Pat O’Neill. An oversized paperback catalog of Canyon Cinema’s 2000 holdings of experimental films. This is the last printed catalog. 485 pgs.

Film/Video Supplement 1994 – Cover “Inkblot Drawing” by Bruce Conner.  Paperback, 22 pgs.

Film/Video Supplement 1993 – Cover “Film Greets Video” by Andy Moore. Paperback, 36 pgs.

Film/Video Supplement 1990 – Cover “Still Frisco” by Robert Nelson. Paperback, 60 pgs.

Catalog #6 Film/Video Supplement 1988 – Cover “The Act of Perfect Contrition” by Rock Ross. Paperback. 57 pgs.

Catalog #5 Supplement 1982 – Cover “A View From AL Con Trast” by William T. Wiley. Paperback, 73 pgs.

Canyon Cinema Catalog #6 (1988) – Homage to Marey Cover by Joel Singer. This paperback catalog contains holdings of experimental films at Canyon Cinema in 1988. 274 pgs.

Canyon Cinema Catalog #4 (1976) – A paperback catalog of Canyon Cinema’s 1976 holdings of experimental films. 270 pgs.

Canyon Cinema Film/Video Catalog #7 (1992) 25th Anniversary – Deus Ex Machina cover by Bruce Conner. This paperback catalog contains the holdings of experimental films at Canyon Cinema in 1992. 441 pgs.



1969 issues 1 – 7 – Highlights include a thank you note to Bruce Conner from John Lennon, The Naked Zodiac series by Ben Van Meter, letters, exchanges and announcements by Ed Emshwiller, James Lithgow, Conner and Jonas Mekas, Bob Pike, Ruth Weiss, Bruce Baillie, Will Hindle, Jon Jost, the Board of Directors, etc.; inaugural portraits of filmmakers series (Lenny Lipton, Anne Kish, Pat and Loren Sears); recipes and, of course, film festival reports and rapping.                                           Covers by – Ken Deroux, Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley, John Hardaker and Dan Deroux.


1972 issues 1-5/6 – Highlights include instructions for building one’s own editing wall by Henry Roll,  building your own optical printer stand, and how to develop and solarize your own film after Russian tanks arrive by Kira Gale; a heated letter to the board of directors by Robert Nelson, more from the portraits of filmmakers series (Carl Linder, George Kuchar, etc…) art works (Ben Van Meter, Don Llyod, etc…); letters, exchanges and announcements by Chick Strand, Jon Jost, Freude Bartlett, Ben Van Meter, Standish Lawder, Walter Ungerer, Board of Directors, etc… and, of course, film festival reports and rapping.
Covers by – Natasha Nicholson, Bruce Conner, Curt McDowell



1978 issues 1-6+1979 1 – Highlights include poetry by Abigail Child’s Matinee, Kuchar’s Dietrich Dossier, Joe Gibbons’ Art Liberation Front communique,  George Kuchar in Europe, Malcolm LeGrice’s essay Material, Materiality, Materialism, a Brakhage-LeGrice debate, George Landow at SF Cinematheque transcript, Yvonne Rainer interview,   J.C. Lipzin talking with Joyce Wieland, Eva Warth on Friedman and Weinbren’s The Making of Americans, James Broughton Some Unseen Lights, Harry Smith at the Queens Museum, Art Spiegelman sketchbook, Mark McGowan score for rewind quartet, hot splicer and projectionist, and more.
Covers by – Jack Hirschman and Kristen Wetterhahn; Pat O’Neil; Joel Singer and Meryl Glick (featuring Ernie Gehr).