The Canyon Cinema Foundation would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to the organization.

Support Fund Contributors

Colgate University Hamilton College
Film Studies Center at the University of Chicago California Institute of the Arts
National Gallery of Art Southern Illinois University
Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley Binghamton University
University of Southern California University of Colorado Boulder
Robert Huot Mt. Holyoke College
Harvard Film Archive/Harvard University Visual and Environmental Studies Bard College
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Wellesley College Cinema and Media Studies Department
Yale University Indiana University
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Emerson College

Foundational Support

The Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation Sterling Art Services
The Metro Theatre Center Foundation The Hershey Foundation
George Lucas Family Foundation Total Mobile Home

Individual and Material Support

Hilda and Dominick Angerame, Sr. Bruce Baillie
Craig Baldwin Robert Blau
Betzy Bromberg Bruce Conner
Linda Fenstermaker Robert Nelson
Albert Gabriel Nigrin Jane Olden
Maria T. Pramaggiore Pat O’Neill
Lynne Sachs Timothy C. Shepard
Mary Slaughter Ross E. Steinhauser
Janie Geiser Jeff Stookey
Andra Georges Susan Greene
Israel Katz Anthony D. Korner
Scott MacDonald Dan Max
Anthony Miller Andrew Moore
Richard Myers Chick Strand
Mark Street Ellen Trost
Jack Walsh David Warren
Peter Watkins Chris Welsby
Helene and Charles Wright Leonard Lipton
Jay Rosenblatt J.J. Murphy
Michael Renov Jim Hubbard
Studio Caillouette LLC Constance Penley
Pietre Van Deusen Premiere Pictures International