Nudes (A Sketchbook)

"Curt McDowell's NUDES (A SKETCHBOOK) is a paean to the filmmaker's closest friends: a series of portraits (beginning with one of George Kuchar) based on stylized, often graphically sexual interpretations of his or her personality. My favorites are 'Barbara,' a pre-Raphaelite vision of woman and 'Ainslie,' a musical spoof on glamour. The filmmaker's point of view ranges from compulsively erotic to light-hearted and self-debunking. A broad reading of the term 'romantic' would probably best describe the spectrum of extreme, even outrageous, possibilities which Curt embraces in this sketchbook/film." - Karen Cooper, Film Forum

"What is interesting about the film is how each vignette constitutes a small, coherent narrative and thrusts a certain psychological characterization on the figure it examines .... McDowell's irony is submerged and gentle, and NUDES constitutes a highly ambiguous (and fundamentally male) catalogue of sexual probabilities." - Lucy Fischer, The Soho Weeky News

"I was very proud of him - he's finally made a film - NUDES - it's the first film of his with any real feeling for his subject. That's the one - it's the most personal, the one I'd like to see again." - James Broughton