Ted Davis is everyone's favorite Master of Ceremonies for the following performances: Peckernose Act; The Cooking and the Washing Act; Spin Your Little Clothes Off Act; Tea Break; The Spinning Nuns; Balancing Prick Act; The Dirty Hummers; Spanish Dancer Act; The Whora; Picking a Winner; The Poop Chute Act; Waiting and Worrying Nude Act; The Tapping Tennies; The Disappearing Milk and Sandwich Act; The Flower Magician; Fart Chorus; The Whirlwinds; The Paper Bags on the Heads Act; The Belly Dance; Cheek to Cheek; Head Job Act; Tweeting Prick Act; Fanny Dancer; Back Words Act; Betsy the Cussing Doll; And ... The Singing Twat.

"PORNOGRAFOLLIES is a musical of sorts, a bisexual scatological revue full of bad jokes, good humor, and a general content that I could not begin to describe here. PORNOGRAFOLLIES achieves a kind of slapdash surrealism." - The New York Times