Case of The Legless Veteran: James Kutcher, The

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Here is the story of a $39-a-week clerk in the Veterans Administration who was fired in 1948 because of his membership in the Socialist Workers Party. James Kutcher, who left his legs on a WW II battlefield in San Pietro, Italy, decided to make a principled fight against the Federal Employee Loyalty Program's decision, a fight based on his right to his political beliefs. Kutcher, a member of the Party since 1938, relates the story of his ten-year case. Oral history interviews with him, and other individuals, are combined with documentation to set Kutcher's experience within a political, economic and social context - the post-WW II decade, that of deepening Cold War, and the witch hunts. The balance of the film presents Kutcher's decision to appeal, and ensuing events: How the defense committee obtained its broad base of support, why the case dragged on for ten years. It covers further attacks .... But the climax of the case was precipitated by the 1955 government attempt to revoke Kutcher's disability pension. This event became a national disgrace, provoking such public outrage that, after eight years of closed hearings, the Loyalty Board was forced to open its doors.

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