8 Million

Director, Producer, Editor, Camera: Abigail Child; Music Composition: Ikue Mori; Performing Musicians: Catherine Jauniaux (vocals), Zeena Parkins (accordion), Hahn Rowe (violin) and Ikue Mori (percussion).

A video album combining documentary and narrative elements: Short songs chart erotic tales in an urban topology. Includes FISHTANK, SHIVER, KISS OF FIRE, 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE, and FAINT CLUE. There are "8 million stories in the Naked City" and these are some of them, circa the early '90s.

"Abigail Child competes with Nam June Paik in this cacophonic storm of images in which experimental music and eroticism swirl about each other." - World Wide Video Festival, 1992 "Music is even more crucial to 8 MILLION, in which dazzling collages within several individual vignettes are incorporated with the venturesome sounds of percussionist Ikue Mori and her group. Some of the vignettes are elusive, but they are remarkably sensual and beautiful." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times, 1997

Awards: Award Winner, Atlanta Film and Video Festival, 1992; Performed live at Intermedia NY (premiere), 1992 and at New Langton Arts, SF, 1992; featured at Worldwide Video Festival, 1992; Universite d'Ete, Lille, France, 1993; NY Film Festival Video Visions, 1993.