Tabula rasa

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Originally Super 8.

"The target of TABULA RASA is the heart of cinema. Voyeuristic desire as the precondition for all cinema pleasure is at stake here. What Christian Metz (based on the psychoanalytical theory by Jacques Lacan) has established intheory is rendered as film in TABULA RASA. At the beginning we can recognize only shadows from which the picture of a woman undressing herself hesitantly emerges. But exactly at the point when one believes one can make out what it is, the camera itself is located between our gaze and the object. The body of the woman keeps moving back and forth between revealing (as a picture) and covering, swinging from figurative to the abstract. TABULA RASA takes distance, the fundamental principle of voyeurism, literally, as it shows us the object of desire but continually removes it from our gaze."
- Gabriele Jutz

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