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Televised footage of the Rodney King/Reginald Denny beatings is repositioned as an extended series of re-photographed, hand-processed images that slowly dissolve from recognizable beings into anonymous figures. As each generation of images becomes increasingly textured, the film itself appears to abuse King/Denny, thus re-framing them as victims of the same moving picture medium that was meant to vindicate them.

The mutual and simultaneous disintegration of filmic and racial color is illustrated through a broad range of photo-chemical manipulations, including: negative and cross-process developing; solarization; and temperature and agitation-based effects on grain, color, and emulsion. Suburban and natural sound elements rise and fade with each generation of images.

Exhibition: Singapore International Film Festival, 2001; Image Movement Cinematheque, China, 2001; Telluride International Experimental Cinema Exposition, 2000; Global 8 Day, Switzerland, 1999; Rotterdam International Film Festival, 1999; San Francisco Cinematheque, 1999; Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, 1999; Splice This! Super 8 Film Festival, Canada, 1999; Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1998; Anthology Film Archives, NY, 1998; Super Super 8 World Tour, 1998; Video Ex Festival, Switzerland, 1998; The Lab, San Francisco, 1997.

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