Four Films by Palazzolo (vol II): Ricky and Rocky, Love It, Leave It, O, Gay Day

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DVD includes Ricky & Rocky, Love it/Leave it, O and Gay for a Day, the 1976 Gay Pride Parade

Ricky & Rocky (made with Jeff Kreines, 1972, 15min, Sound, Color)

Ricky (Italian) and Roxann (Polish) arrive at a "surprise" wedding shower given by Ricky's side of the family. The gifts they receive are held up for the approval of the relatives (who along with the gifts steal the show from the young couple).

"Palazzolo and Kreines bring compassion and wit to their film on a lower middle class backyard wedding shower; cinema verite can be a treacherous form, lending itself to facile and often cruel distortion ....

"They respect the well-meaning spirit of the occasion and the genuine gratitude of the honored young couple, yet let us see the rich humor in social gatherings." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Prize from James Broughton, Bellevue Film Festival.

Exhibition: Robert Flaherty Film Seminar

Love it Leave it (1973, 15min, Color, Sound)

"LOVE IT/LEAVE IT is a raucous treatment of patriotic color, football, nudity and parades set to a refrain of 'Love It' and coalescing into Tom Palazzolo's nightmare rendition of America the Awful. It sounds the theme song of this program [at the Whitney] and gives you a pretty good start on deciding to 'Leave It.'" - Archer Winston, New York Post "[A]s filmmaking it's riveting." - The New York Times

"A part of it looks like the kind of out-of-control patriotism ... of Desert Storm." - J. Hoberman

0 (1967, 12min, Color, Sound)

"A film of extraordinary ambition and precision, involving a development of great ambition and complexity on both the visual and aural parameters. It#s sound tract, composed by Berio, is almost unique in its interest." Annette Michelson, judge, Yale Film Festival (#68).

Gay for a Day, the 1976 Gay Pride Parade (1976, 11min, Sound, Color)

"Gay For a Day is a lively depiction of an early gay pride parade in Chicago. Weaving through bustling crowds and capturing numerous interviews, director Palazzolo pieces together a story of resilience and celebration." - Block Museum

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