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"Like STAFFS, numerous reels of SPIRALS survive, many of them duplicate copies of simple footage intended as background elements in more complex films ....

"The first two sequences are so much alike that I have little doubt they were once part of the same finished film. They show scenes basically composed of concentric circular, spiral and radiating patterns moving in such ways that they produce optical illusions of great depth leading off into an eternally distant vanishing point. The editing, like that of STAFFS, contains some two frame intercutting, but primarily concentrates on clever alternations of sequences which suggest point-of-view of a first person camera, as in the superimposition of static dark circles over the dizzying whirlpool to create the feeling that the spectator is actually flying into some infinite vortex. This powerful sequence is a worthy predecessor to the magnificent vortex-eye of RADIO DYNAMICS." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

Image (c) Fischinger Trust, courtesy Center for Visual Music.

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