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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Some Women Writers Kill Themselves: Selected Videopoems and Poetry by Alexis Krasilovsky " impressive collection by an accomplished mu... Alexis Krasilovsky 1975-2008 DVD COLOR SOUND 35 mins
Blood Starring Larry Fine, Abbie Herrick, Evan McHale, M... Alexis Krasilovsky 1975 16mm film COLOR SOUND 21 mins
  Charlie's Dream; La Belle Dame Sans Merci; Charlie Dozes Off and the Dog Bothers Him CHARLIE'S DREAM

For lovers unaware of love .......
Alexis Krasilovsky 1973 16mm film COLOR/B&W SOUND 10 mins
  Commiseration Moon A filmed poem for women driven to the ground by lo... Alexis Krasilovsky 1976 16mm film COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Cows A feminist film about cows made in the heart of Am... Alexis Krasilovsky 1972 16mm film COLOR SOUND 3 mins
End of the Art World With Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper John... Alexis Krasilovsky 1971 16mm film COLOR SOUND 35 mins
Epicenter U. A first-hand account about healing from natural di... Alexis Krasilovsky 1995 16mm film COLOR SOUND 28 mins
Exile "EXILE portrays the filmmaker's own compelling jou... Alexis Krasilovsky 1984 16mm film COLOR SOUND 28 mins
  Guerilla Commercial GUERRILLA COMMERCIAL protests discrimination faced... Alexis Krasilovsky 1973 16mm film COLOR SOUND 1 mins
Just Between Me & God In this environmental love story from West Memphis... Alexis Krasilovsky 1982 16mm film COLOR SOUND 8 mins
What Memphis Needs Contrasting the black and white cultures of Memphi... Alexis Krasilovsky 1991 16mm film COLOR SOUND 6 mins
Beale Street "The memories that we have -- we older ones that's... Alexis Krasilovsky 1981 DVD B&W SOUND 28 mins
  Inside Story "The first boroscoped art video, incorporating foo... Alexis Krasilovsky 1983   COLOR SOUND 8 mins
Mr. Boogie Woogie Starring Mose Vinson, Memphis Slim and Ma Rainey I... Alexis Krasilovsky 1978 DVD     30 mins
  Women Behind the Camera Who knew that only 2% of cinematographers on the l... Alexis Krasilovsky 2007 DVD COLOR SOUND 90 mins
  Women Behind the Camera - Special Edition 2-Disc set Special Edition 2-Disc set include 36 additional i... Alexis Krasilovsky 2007 DVD     90 mins
Let Them Eat Cake Six years in the making, filmed in a dozen countri... Alexis Krasilovsky 2014 DVD COLOR SOUND 81 mins
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