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New on 35mm: Antoni Pinent’s Film Quartet/Polyframe

Posted May 3rd, 2010 in New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events


Film Quartet/Polyframe by Antoni Pinent (35mm with English subtitles, 2006-2008)

I’ve seen “FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME” several times and it continues to astonish me. I love films that bring out the plasticity of the medium and this film is a prime example – as illustrated for instance by the Super 8 frames that were individually removed. The film’s wide range of source material and extensive editing are impressive as is the sound track which combines the noise of the filmic material itself with the original sound of the footage: Great achievement! My favorite scene is the fall of the pole vaulter which is interwoven with particles of black frames – the image breaks into pieces as his movement gradually slows down. Amazing! [Peter Tscherkassky, May 5th 2009]

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