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Message from Canyon filmmaker Werner Penzel

Posted April 6th, 2011 in Announcements, News / Events

Dear friends,

Now, since almost two years, we are living in Japan on the island of Awajishima, southeast of Kobe and Osaka, in a former school-house, building up a center for art, movies and communication, called “nomadomura” (nomads village).

Since it got clear that the reactors of Fukushima are getting out of control, now already more than two weeks ago, contaminating growing areas of northern and central Japan, we opened our house for families with children, seeking refuge.

We also began to activate our international network to find support for those suffering most in the area of Fukushima. We want to invite you to open your hearts and minds and be part of this growing network.

Now, after we renamed our “artistic laboratory nomadomura” into “children refugee republic” we could, with the help of our friends all over the world start to gather support for following initiatives:

  • Through our friend Shinobu Ito we are supporting activities in the town of Iwaki to help socially weak, alone living elderly and handicapped people.
  • Our friends at the Mediatheque in Sendai (one of the rare places in Japan with a cinema for independent movies) are right now building up a communication- and information-center in their house that has lost all of the windows, but is still standing. Clear, uncensored and reliable local information via independent radio and television is almost as important for the people in the area around Fukushima as clean drinking water, shelter and food.
  • We are also supporting a group of young japanese filmmakers, who are helping in the refugee-camps and hospitals, instead of making movies these days.

We hope to find your kind attention and solidarity.

With heartful greetings
and best wishes

Ayako Mogi & Werner Penzel