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New York Times Feature on Canyon Filmmaker Ernie Gehr

Posted November 16th, 2011 in Announcements, News / Events


Still from Gehr’s Table (1976)

Ernie Gehr’s “Mind Expanders” in the New York Times

Manohla Dargis’s excellent feature on the life and works of Ernie Gehr in last week’s New York Times:

“THERE are a multiplicity of adjectives that fit Ernie Gehr’s experimental film and digital work: abstract, beautiful, mysterious, invigorating, utopian. The work can also be oblique; this is not a bad thing! His 14-minute film “History” (1970), to take one extreme example, largely consists of what looks like a sparkly black-and-gray blob that brings to mind a hallucination of a desert night sky, like van Gogh on acid. What you’re looking at, and perhaps losing yourself in, isn’t a representation of something outside the camera, but film itself: those clouds of dye in color film and churning grains in black and white that make up the actual image you see.”

Read the rest of the article here:

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