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Now Available – Eight Works by Rose Lowder

Posted November 10th, 2015 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, News / Events

Eight brand new 16mm prints from Rose Lowder are available to rent from Canyon Cinema!


Jardins du Marais (Marsh Gardens)  (2010 |2.5 minutes |COLOR |SOUND)

This magnificent garden, in the Parc naturel régional de Brière, in the middle of the presqu#île de Guérande, Loire-Atlantique, in France, covers over a hectare of land. It’s vegetable garden, ornamental garden, small forest and two ponds, make up a continuously evolving space, but also a visual mumble – jumble of wild life that draws one to delve into it in order to explore it cinematographically.

In honor of Annick Bertrand-Gillen et Yves Gillen, the creators of this munificent space in the middle of nature

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Jardin du soleil (Sun Garden)  (2010 |2 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

Beginning with natural light, an element that played a major role in cinematographic developement, the subject of the film evolves around solar panels in two different places, Cascina Piola, Capriglio, Asti, in Italy, and Le Vieil Eclis, Asserac, in Loire-Atlantique, France. We find ourselves in the middle of sparkling light, exposed to the wind, like the butterflies, the bees and the little clouds.

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Beijing 1988 (1988-2011 |12 minutes |COLOR |SOUND)

China seen from Beijing May 1988, a year before the Spring 1989 Tia’nanmen rebellion, where the ancient traditional philosophies and social practices confront the political and economical ideological ambitions of the State.
Music by François Alexis Degrenier.
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Bouquets 11-20 (2005-2009 |14 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

Bouquets 11-20, filmed in Italy, Switzerland and France, was delayed by the weather and a series of related technical/aesthetics incidents. The ten little films (1 minute or 1440 frames each, with the exception of 23 frames or nearly a second more for n°16), continues the work begun with the series Bouquets 1-10 and 21-30. This consists of weaving in camera visual aspects of the filmed reality in order to bring into existence specific features of the cinematographic image, hopefully placing us on a boundary outside the traditional rôles of description or abstraction.

Content-wise the graphic-aesthetic procès is related to social/economical politics and philosophy. Nearly every civilization disappeared due to mayor environmental issues and we are, in heading in that direction, repeating history. R.L.

10 Bouquets, each one minute long, all filmed at ecological sites.
BOUQUET 11 – Oasis de la Roche Bleue, near Plaisans, Drôme
BOUQUET 12 – Farm de la Mhotte, Saint Menoux, Allier
BOUQUET 13 – Site agroécologique de la Baraque, Aujac, Gard
BOUQUET 14 – Le Vieil Eclis, Asserac, Loire-Atlantique
BOUQUET 15 – Azienda Agricola Cascina Piola, Serra-Capriglio, Asti,
Nord Monferrato, Piedmonte, Italy
BOUQUET 16 – Silvai Confiture (jam), Haute Bléone, Prads, Basses-Alpes
BOUQUET 17 – Hôtel #Pension Beau-Site (Label écologique européen), Chemin sur Martigny, Switzerland
BOUQUET 18 – Farm de Crozefond, Saint Aubin, Lot et Garonne
BOUQUET 19 – Les Jardins du Marais, Parc Naturel Régional de Brière, Hoscas, Loire Atlantique
BOUQUET 20 – Site agroécologique de la Baraque, Aujac, Gard

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foryannfromrose (2014 |2.44 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

More and more it appears that things in life link up with each other in unforeseeable ways. With this film I wanted to pay homage to Yann BEAUVAIS for his having, on top of his own work as an artist, against all odds, lack of funds or recognition concerning the field in question, made an important contribution to make known, as much by his writing as by his presenting and distributing, works by other authors.

Having followed closely and continuously the frustrating and heroic steps he made, I wanted to conceive a film of a different nature, without problems, a gentle peaceful poem. I found the ideal place with friends on their Italian farm, full of odd and poetic items. One could almost surmise that it was yann#s past tortuous efforts that brought all the way from Brazil a hair running from top to bottom of the entire reel.

Nothing could be done. Except to make another film. Not being able to return to Italy, this time nearer at hand : Montfroc, a hamlet, eighty inhabitants, in the department of Drôme. I always admired there, every October, during the environmental organic fair, a magnificent field of flowers. In hurrying and neglecting an infection on my right thumb, I had to film more or less with one hand and then spend two days in hospital. I can only think that the making of this little film reflects all the difficulties previously faced by yann himself.

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Rien d’extraordinaire (Nothing Special) (2010 |2 minutes |COLOR |SOUND)

Just a glimpse of this beautiful spot around the Hôtel – Pension Beau-Site on the Chemin sur Martigny, Switzerland, situated in a hamlet surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

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Côté Jardin (2007 |4.17 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

A quick view of three remarquable organic gardens : Le Tomple and Le jardin du Mas d’CAbri in the department of Gard and Le jardin des Sambucs in the department of Hérault. The film goes over their general layout along pathways amongst the vegetation, ponds and people or animals that happen to be there at the time. R.L.

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Retour d’un repère (Recurrence) (1979 |19 minutes |COLOR |SILENT)

The procedure of separating and extracting certain aspects of a scene by adjusting the focus of a series of frames in succession according to various organizational patterns is developed in Retour d’un repère in a particular way. While the filmic operations are structured in relation to a limited space (a branch over a 19c duck pond), the filmic process rests on a visual transformation of a pantoun, a verse form borrowed from literary rhetorics, which characteristically transforms itself gradually and continuously in a precise manner.

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