How Will I Know I'm Here

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Two years ago my mother asked my brother and me to take her home from the hospital and help her die. This request sent me headlong into the biggest mystery I've ever encountered. I was driven by my need to unravel this mystery.

The result of this search was HOW WILL I KNOW I'M HERE, a film that, blurring the distinction between conscious and unconscious, celebrates childhood dreams and intuition and searches for connections.

"The kaleidoscopic 45-minute projection leads the viewer through a series of astonishing, bodily and psychic states affected by the encounter with her (the filmmaker's) mother's death. Poetic, mythic, surrealistically beautiful, the visual flow is doubly enhanced by a powerful soundtrack of classical and contemporary musical compositions." - Jacquelan Menard, Arts Alive

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