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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Gaudi & Cezannescapes Three experimental shorts informed by the styles o... Gary Adlestein 1991-2006 DVD COLOR SOUND 12 mins
Septuagenarian Collaborations By Gary Adlestein and Jerry Orr

Three non-narra...
Gary Adlestein 2010-2016 DVD-R COLOR SOUND 49 mins
  Kore/Kouros A study of the male and female nude; in honor of ... Gary Adlestein 1987 DVD COLOR SOUND 10.5 mins
  DOMESTIC : Selected Films & Video 1981-2001 DVD Compilation

These experimental films and vi...
Gary Adlestein 1981 DVD BOTH SOUND 70 mins
  Italia Experimental Films and Videos 1980-2005 DVD Compilation
A selection of short experimental...
Gary Adlestein 1980 DVD BOTH SOUND 45 mins
  Reading 1974 30th Anniversary Edition DVD by GARY ADLESTEIN, COSTA MANTIS, JERRY ORR a d... Gary Adlestein 1976 DVD     60 mins
She Puppet and The Star Eaters She Puppet 2001, 17 min, video

Lara Croft, the ...
Peggy Ahwesh 2001-2003 DVD COLOR SOUND 35 mins
From Romance to Ritual and Martina's Playhouse From Romance to Ritual 1985 21 minutes, video from... Peggy Ahwesh   DVD     35 mins
Anaconda Targets "We don't have time to get scared, everything happ... Dominic Angerame 2005 DVD B&W SOUND 9 mins
Soul of Things (Redux), The "Nothing is apparent to ordinary vision
until it ...
Dominic Angerame 2013 DVD B&W CD 16 mins
City Symphony "Wow! exhale... this film I ve just watched blew m... Dominic Angerame 1997 DVD B&W SOUND 71 mins
Revelations "He began to recognize that motion pix could ... Dominic Angerame 2018 DVD-R B&W SOUND 24 mins
  Three Diary Films: A Ticket Home, I'd Rather Be In Paris, Honeymoon In Reno For descriptions please see individual film pages.... Dominic Angerame 1982-1984 DVD COLOR SOUND 32 mins
  Three Films: Pixiescope, Waifen Maiden, Consume For descriptions please see individual film pages.... Dominic Angerame 2001-2003 DVD COLOR SOUND 19 mins
Dear Little Lightbird This unusual film shows how pain - the death of a ... Leland Auslender 1965 DVD COLOR SOUND 22 mins
Sculpture of Ron Boise, The Here is a poetic documentary about this famous con... Leland Auslender 1966 DVD COLOR SOUND 12 mins
Venice Beach in the Sixties: A Celebration of Creativity From 1960 to 1964, I lived in Venice Beach, Califo... Leland Auslender 2008 DVD     15 mins
Bruce Baillie Volume III, Quick Billy In QUICK BILLY, the experience of transformation b... Bruce Baillie 2011 DVD COLOR/B&W OPT 70 mins
Bruce Baillie Volume II: Here I Am, Quixote Here I Am:

A never before released early film m...
Bruce Baillie 2009 DVD     60 mins
Mock Up On Mu A radical hybrid of sci-fi, spy, Western, and even... Craig Baldwin 2009 DVD COLOR SOUND 110 mins
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