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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
60's Experiments A compilation program of films by Taka iimura made... Takahiko Iimura 1962 DVD     50 mins
Cine Dance: The Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata This DVD contains "Anma (The Masseur)" (1963) b&w... Takahiko Iimura 1963-1965 DVD     33 mins
Early Conceptual Videos This DVD contains following 5 videos in excerpts.... Takahiko Iimura 1970-1977 DVD     23 mins
Filmmakers This is a film portrait of filmmakers whom I was m... Takahiko Iimura 1969 DVD COLOR   28 mins
Venice Beach in the Sixties: A Celebration of Creativity From 1960 to 1964, I lived in Venice Beach, Califo... Leland Auslender 2008 DVD     15 mins
Facts and Figures A digitally contructed visual presentation of deta... Victor Faccinto 2012 DVD COLOR   11 mins
Bruce Baillie Volume II: Here I Am, Quixote Here I Am:

A never before released early film m...
Bruce Baillie 2009 DVD     60 mins
From Romance to Ritual and Martina's Playhouse From Romance to Ritual 1985 21 minutes, video from... Peggy Ahwesh   DVD     35 mins
Swan's Island Original Format: 16mm

by Bill Brand a...
Bill Brand 2005 DVD-R     5 mins
Sicómoro Original Format: HD

Text by Carolina ...
Bill Brand 2011 DVD-R     5 mins
Mnemosyne Mother of Muses A mirrored form in counter-movement, dense with em... Larry Gottheim 1987 DVD     18 mins
  Club Midnight: Storyville Memory; Dowtown Goddess; Dark Sequins; Light of the Body; Wildfire, Club Midnight CLUB MIDNIGHT: STORYVILLE MEMORY, DOWNTOWN GODDESS... Amy Greenfield 2011 DVD COLOR   60 mins
  Reading 1974 30th Anniversary Edition DVD by GARY ADLESTEIN, COSTA MANTIS, JERRY ORR a d... Gary Adlestein 1976 DVD     60 mins
Experiments in New York Three short films all shot in New York were compil... Takahiko Iimura 1967-81 DVD     30 mins
For Filmic Meditation "Iimura used the process of re-photography, but in... Takahiko Iimura 1969 DVD     32 mins
Seeing/Hearing/Speaking A multimedia DVD with text, video, graphics, and ... Takahiko Iimura 2002 DVD     60 mins
Mr. Boogie Woogie Starring Mose Vinson, Memphis Slim and Ma Rainey I... Alexis Krasilovsky 1978 DVD     30 mins
Seminoles, Alligators, and Football Players (a Florida Rivalry) Born and bred in the deep South, the football riva... Tyler Turkle 2003 DVD-R     31 mins
Film Independents 1964 This historical DVD is a collection of short films... Takahiko Iimura 1964 DVD     57 mins
Three Film Portraits: Akbar, Bill and Ruby, DA   Richard Myers 1973 DVD COLOR/B&W   94 mins
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