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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
From Romance to Ritual and Martina's Playhouse From Romance to Ritual 1985 21 minutes, video from... Peggy Ahwesh   DVD     35 mins
  But What Do We Do? Many scientists and engineers who work on military... Leonard Henny   DVD COLOR OPT 18 mins
  Vietnam Veteran Co-maker: Kees Hin. Though the Vietnam war has com... Leonard Henny   DVD COLOR SOUND 17 mins
  Towards a People's Cinema This film is a film about filmmaking...about filmm... Leonard Henny   DVD B&W SOUND 37 mins
  Gregg Biermann: Short Works Includes the following films:


Gregg Biermann   DVD COLOR SOUND 42 mins
  Dada Cinema Re-voir and the Pompidou Center present the editio...   1921-1927 DVD PAL B&W SOUND 73 mins
  Early Works - Hans Richter By film I mean visual rhythm... to see movement, o...   1921-1929 DVD PAL B&W SOUND 49 mins
  Rhythms (Re:Voir DVD) For institutional purchase,... Len Lye 1935-1980 DVD PAL COLOR SOUND 47 mins
  Experimental Films - Maya Deren "My purpose is to make an experimental motion pict...   1943-1946 DVD PAL B&W SOUND 47 mins
  Dance Films - Maya Deren Four short dance films by Maya Deren

"In this f...
  1945-1955 DVD PAL B&W SOUND 47 mins
  Divine Horsemen - Maya Deren "In September 1947 I disembarked in Haiti, for an ...   1947-1954 DVD PAL B&W SOUND 47 mins
  Lost Lost Lost (Re:Voir DVD) Poet and hero of the American counter-culture, Jon... Jonas Mekas 1949-1963 DVD PAL COLOR/B&W SOUND 180 mins
  Traité de Bave et d'Eternité (Venom and Eternity) - Isidore Isou Isidore Isou arrived in Paris from Romania in 1945...   1951 DVD PAL B&W SOUND 123 mins
Beat Films For institutional purchase,...   1953-1959 DVD PAL COLOR SOUND 61 mins
Man is in Pain Original Format: 16mm

A woman reads Phi...
Lawrence Jordan 1954 DVD-R B&W SOUND 4 mins
Trumpit Ostensibly it's a card game played on the body of ... Lawrence Jordan 1956 DVD B&W OPT 6 mins
  Structural Films (INDEX DVD) Kurt Kren's achievements with regard to the montag... Kurt Kren 1957-1995 DVD PAL COLOR/B&W SOUND 60 mins
Triptych in Four Parts One of the few remaining authentically "Beat" film... Lawrence Jordan 1958 DVD COLOR SOUND 12 mins
Visibles (Re:Voir DVD) For institutional purchase,... Stan VanDerBeek 1959-1971 DVD PAL COLOR/B&W SOUND 112 mins
Three Films by Richard Myers: The Path, First Time Here and Coronation THE PATH (1961)

"Light as the symbol of the ine...
Richard Myers 1961 - 65 DVD B&W SOUND 67 mins
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