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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Barn Rushes " I noticed a play of moving light between the sla... Larry Gottheim 1971 DVD COLOR SILENT 36 mins
Chants and Dances for Hand The material was shot in Haiti about 25 years ago.... Larry Gottheim 2016 DVD COLOR SOUND 40 mins
Fog Line "The fog lifts on a scene. For an attentive viewer... Larry Gottheim 1970 DVD COLOR SILENT 11 mins
Four Shadows (Elective Affinities, Part III) Like constellations wheeling round, a double chain... Larry Gottheim 1978 DVD COLOR SOUND 64 mins
Harmonica With Shelley Berde.

O! the one Life within us a...
Larry Gottheim 1971 DVD COLOR SOUND 11 mins
Horizons (Elective Affinities, Part I) Completed in 1973 (with assistance from CAPS), HOR... Larry Gottheim 1973 DVD COLOR SILENT 80 mins
Machette Gillette Rapid, disjunctive images and sounds from aspects ... Larry Gottheim 1989 DVD COLOR SOUND 45 mins
Mnemosyne Mother of Muses A mirrored form in counter-movement, dense with em... Larry Gottheim 1987 DVD     18 mins
Mouches Volantes (Elective Affinities, Part II) "Three elements, at first quite independently, str... Larry Gottheim 1976 DVD B&W SOUND 69 mins
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