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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
  Analogies ANALOGIES consists of a series of simple camera mo... Peter Rose 1977 DVD PAL COLOR SOUND 78 mins
  Animal, The A man meets a woman at a deserted railroad station... Walter Ungerer 1976 DVD COLOR SOUND 75 mins
Animated Films - Suzan Pitt "Pitt's work is like a dream. Things exist out of ...   1979-2012 DVD PAL COLOR SOUND 119 mins
Apoplectic Walrus, The Joanna wanted a film on the collages of Max Ernst,... Lawrence Jordan 2015 DVD COLOR/B&W SILENT 17 mins
  As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty "In the midst of his rapture of remembering, Mekas... Jonas Mekas 2000 DVD PAL COLOR OPT 320 mins
Atalanta 32 years Later A retelling of the age-old fairy tale of the beau... Lynne Sachs 2006 DVD COLOR SOUND 5 mins
Attractions, Instructions and Other Romances (INDEX DVD)
This new DVD compiles eight short films by Peter...
Peter Tscherkassky 1982-2010 DVD PAL BOTH SOUND 91 mins
Bal-Anat Middle Eastern Dance taught by Jamila.

There wa...
John Carney 1975 DVD COLOR SOUND 20 mins
Barn Rushes " I noticed a play of moving light between the sla... Larry Gottheim 1971 DVD COLOR SILENT 36 mins
Bathtub Shot, The A look inside a daydream which rationalizes the pr... Beth Block 2009 DVD-R COLOR SOUND 11 mins
Beale Street "The memories that we have -- we older ones that's... Alexis Krasilovsky 1981 DVD B&W SOUND 28 mins
Beat Films For institutional purchase,...   1953-1959 DVD PAL COLOR SOUND 61 mins
Beyond Enchantment Where all is static motion; where music and light ... Lawrence Jordan 2010 DVD COLOR/B&W OPT 9.25 mins
Big Sur: The Ladies An "in-camera" document or journalistic writing on... Lawrence Jordan 1966 DVD COLOR SOUND 3 mins
Black Jackets and Choppers Producer - Gary Partlow
Director - John Carney
John Carney 1979 DVD COLOR SOUND 25 mins
  Black Power, We're Goin' Survive America Produced by Leonard M. Henny in cooperation with t... Leonard Henny 1969 DVD COLOR OPT 15 mins
Bladderwort Document A diary film made during the six months I lived in... Janis Crystal Lipzin 1978 DVD-R COLOR SILENT 9 mins
Blind Light Blind Light is filmed in the artist's London loft.... Sarah Pucill 2007 DVD PAL COLOR SOUND 22 mins
Blood Starring Larry Fine, Abbie Herrick, Evan McHale, M... Alexis Krasilovsky 1975 DVD COLOR SOUND 21 mins
Blue Skies Beyond the Looking Glass Ever dance the mambo with silent film stars and Jo... Lawrence Jordan 2006 DVD COLOR OPT 17 mins
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