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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
Paradox A magnificent figure emerges from the jaws of a my... Leandro Katz 2001 Digital File COLOR SOUND 32 mins
the politics of perception the politics of perception (1973) 33 minute... Kirk Tougas 1973 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
the framing of perception "I saw the light..."Sun, light, darkness, shadow--... Kirk Tougas 1973 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
In Order Not to Be Here An uncompromising look at the ways privacy, safety... Deborah Stratman 2002 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 33 mins
Follows The Leader A comic, found-image collage film on/about/by Marc... John Cannizzaro 2020 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 33 mins
Which Way is East: Notebooks from Vietnam by Lynne Sachs in collaboration with Dana Sachs
Lynne Sachs 1994 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
I AM HOME LESS I AM HOME LESS considers the mind's perception of ... Brice Bowman 2012 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
Paradise Springs Five years of traveling through and living within ... Brigid McCaffrey 2013 Digital File COLOR SOUND 33 mins
Black Dawn - Josef Berne Alternate title: Dawn to Dawn
Co-makers: Josef Be...
  1933 Digital File B&W SOUND 34 mins
Super 8 Diary - 1991   Robert Huot 1991 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 34 mins
End of the Art World With Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper John... Alexis Krasilovsky 1971 Digital File COLOR SOUND 35 mins
Biography of Lillith, A In a lively mix of off-beat narrative, collage and... Lynne Sachs 1997 Digital File COLOR OPT 35 mins
Barn Rushes " I noticed a play of moving light between the sla... Larry Gottheim 1971 Digital File COLOR SILENT 36 mins
  Split Infinities: Self-Portrait Reconsidered Two films & two iPhone sketches, with 40 years bet... Holly Fisher 1976/2017 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 36 mins
Super 8 Diary - 1989   Robert Huot 1989 Digital File COLOR/B&W SOUND 37 mins
Pleasure Garden, The A joyous musical fantasy celebrating Love in the P... James Broughton 1953 Digital File B&W SOUND 38 mins
One Year An excerpt from THE FILMS OF ROBERT HUOT: 1967 to ... Robert Huot 1970 Digital File B&W SILENT 38 mins
Last Happy Day, The THE LAST HAPPY DAY is a half hour experimental doc... Lynne Sachs 2009 Digital File COLOR SOUND 38 mins
Chants and Dances for Hand The material was shot in Haiti about 25 years ago.... Larry Gottheim 2016 Digital File COLOR SOUND 40 mins
Mangosteen A story about storytelling: After returning to his... Tulapop Saenjaroen 2022 Digital File COLOR SOUND 40 mins
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