Qualties of Stone

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

This is the third in a series on urban naturalism (following Thunder & Evergreen), but it follows a distinctly different tack. It is an interior film, living within the near present. And I guess that's the real title, 'presences', but "qualities of stone" it remains, as stone can only exist that way once carved. "Stone" is an anolog to "mineral", the common denominator between organic and inorganic life (as crystalline forms).

A description: The grave is a place framed by both life and death.

1) Glass (as silicate) offers a means of seeing to or seeing through, a liquid masquerading as a solid.
2) Film as mineral, its granular essence can appear like mica, granite, diamond, etc.
3) Life as crystalline growths and recombinations dependant on water and (usually) light.
4) The complex of interactions between our artificial forms and nature or natural forms in active physical space and the time they share.
5) Seasons of the spirit, pulled along by emotional tides.

Appearing: Bilbao Sidewalks, Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, Southwest Corridor Park and Common, Boston, Flowers of Day/MacLaughlin, Studio of Deb Todd Wheeler, Tree of Tessa Day and Rob Todd.
Image and sound by Robert Todd
Printed at Cine Labs

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