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  1. A Salon With Lynne Sachs

    10/25/18 // A Salon with Lynne Sachs

    A Salon with Lynne Sachs Thursday, October 25th, 2018 // 7:30 PM (doors 7:00 PM) 16 Sherman Street Facebook Event Please join Canyon Cinema for the next installment of our Salon series with filmmaker and Canyon board member Lynne Sachs, who will be presenting A Biography of Lilith (1997). A prismatic and deeply personal meditation on the […]

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  2. Davis_Saisonnier_1

    New film: Saisonnier by Sandra Davis

    Sandra Davis’ “little story without a narrative” — or perhap, her “ode” — Saisonnier is now available to rent. Saisonnier (2016 | 7 minutes | COLOR | SOUND) Another ode – a little story without a narrative. A reverie for a moment in time, and a passion of place. Facing time and echoes of disappearance. Audio and […]

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  3. Massarella_165708_5

    Celebrating the work of Josephine Massarella

    Josephine Massarella was an independent filmmaker and teacher based in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as a longtime friend of Canyon Cinema. She passed away on June 22, 2018. Her last work, 165708, premiered at the 2018 Ann Arbor Film Festival, where it was awarded the prize for Best Experimental Film. A digital version of the film […]

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  4. sharits_touching_1

    New prints: Piece Mandala/End War, Word Movie and T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G by Paul Sharits

    New prints of Paul Sharits’ flicker films Word Movie, Piece Mandala/End War, and T, O, U, C, H, I, N, G, have arrived at Canyon and are now in circulation! T, O, U, C, H, I, N, G (1968 | 12 minutes | COLOR | SOUND) Starring poet David Franks whose voice appears on soundtrack/an […]

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  5. Holmes_Returning_2

    New digital files: Karen Holmes’ Returning the Shadow and Saving the Proof

    Karen Holmes has delivered digital versions of Saving the Proof, an 11-minute deconstruction of the act and process of a woman walking, and Returning the Shadow, which uses old family photographs to meditate on personal and hereditary memory. Returning the Shadow (1985 | 23 minutes | COLOR | OPT) Old family photographs invoke memories and invite […]

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Spotlight on Peter Tscherkassky

Tabula rasa
Tabula rasa by Peter Tscherkassky

Tabula rasa

Originally Super 8.

"The target of TABULA RASA is the heart of cinema. Voyeuristic desire as the precondition for... More »