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  1. palazzolo_clarkst

    Now Available on DVD: Four Films by Tom Palazzolo

    Tom Palazzolo’s Street Scene, I Married a Munchkin, Lily’s World of Wax, and Marquette Park Pts. 1 & 2 on DVD now available for purchase from Canyon Cinema! Street Scene (2012 | 42 min | COLOR/B&W | SOUND) Includes Vivian Maier: Photographer and Down Clark Street Vivian Maier: Photographer (2012, 12min, B&W, Sound)This 12-minute video by Tom Palazzolo and Chicago writer Jack Helbig tells [...]

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  2. OwnYourOwn3

    Now Available on 16mm: New Print of James Otis’ On Your Own

    We have a beautiful new 16mm print of James Otis’ On Your Own available to rent from Canyon Cinema! On Your Own (1981 | 2 minutes | B&W | SOUND) Into my hands fell a 20-minute exhortation to find the right job after high school. Struck by its fierce redundancy, I undertook a distillation, editing [...]

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  3. lawder1

    Now Available on 16mm: New Print of Standish Lawder’s Catfilm for Katy and Cynnie

    A brand-spankin’ shiny new print of Catfilm for Katy and Cynnie is available to rent from Canyon Cinema! Catfilm for Katy and Cynnie (1973 | 3 minutes | COLOR | SILENT) In the early 70′s, a New York cat-lover and film-maker named Pola Chapelle produced a “Cat Film Fesitval:” which was shown in a large downtown [...]

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  4. YAIR_McC_SDsm

    Now Available on 16mm: Kate McCabe’s You and I Remain

    Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce that after its premier at the Canyon Cinema Salon “Betwixt and Between,” You and I Remain is now available on 16mm! You and I Remain (2015 | 15 minutes | COLOR | SOUND) In this portrait of a world askew, filmmaker McCabe composes an apocalyptic lullaby, a landscape film meditating [...]

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Spotlight on Doug Wendt

Midnight Trailer
Midnight Trailer by Doug Wendt

Midnight Trailer

Additional animation by Deeling Gregory.

A masterpiece of collage and kinestasis commissioned by Mike Getz for his Midnight Movie... More »