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  1. Jacobson_Mary-Janes_1

    Newly available exhibition files and 2K DCPs from Sarah Jacobson

    Sarah Jacobson (1971-2004) was a an independent filmmaker who wrote, produced, and directed several movies in the 1990s, including “Mary Jane’s Not A Virgin Any More” and “I Was a Teenage Serial Killer.” Sarah’s films reflected her punk sensibilities, her feminist beliefs, and her dedication to DIY principles. After her death, filmmaker Sam Green and […]

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  2. Pryce_PwdreSer_1

    Now available: a new digital exhibition file of Charlotte Pryce’s Pwdre Sew the rot of stars

    Charlotte Pryce has been making experimental films, photographs and optical objects since 1986. Born in London, Charlotte Pryce graduated with a BFA from the Slade School of Art, University College London and completed an MFA in Fine Art/ Film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Pwdre Sew the rot of stars (2018 […]

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  3. Barber_3peonies_1

    Now Available: new and recent works by Stephanie Barber

    Stephanie Barber is an American writer and artist. She has created a poetic, conceptual and philosophical body of work in a variety of media. Her videos are concerned with the content, musicality and experiential qualities of language and her language is concerned with the emotional impact of moments and ideas. They ferry viewers through philosophical […]

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  4. AdelstieinOrr_DEAL_2

    Now available: DEAL!! by Gary Adlestein & Jerry Orr

    “The most important aspect to Adlestein‘s approach to video is that it is irrefutably and defiantly filmic. … It is sublimely tactile where most videos tend to be impersonally cool and hard. …”-Albert Kilchesty, film curator and author “Jerry Orr is an audio-visual alchemist. He does with the two-dimensional image of film and video what […]

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Spotlight on Nathaniel Dorsky


San Francisco's winter is a season unto itself. Fleeting, rain-soaked, verdant, a brief period of shadows and renewal. (N.D.) More »