The Spring Invitational, hosted by 500 Capp Street and Berkeley Art Center, with Canyon Cinema

Posted April 8th, 2024 in Announcements, Co-Presentations, Events and Screenings, News / Events

May 3, 4 & 5, 2024
500 Capp Street, San Francisco

Join us for an extraordinary weekend of creativity and collaboration, hosted by two vibrant organizations in a shared mission of fostering sustainability and planting seeds within our Bay Area arts ecosystem. Together, 500 Capp Street and Berkeley Art Center are presenting a joint fundraiser including an art sale, film screenings with Canyon Cinema (throughout the day on Saturday, May 4), performances, and opening party.

This joint fundraiser sale will feature 100+ Bay Area artists, and ticketed entry will dictate your access to purchasing exclusive works!

  • VIP ACCESS: Purchase VIP tickets at $200-$400 for first access to 100+ works on DAY 1: Friday 5/3 from 4-7PM (+ access to all other events!)

  • DAY 2 ACCESS: Purchase tickets at $125 for access to purchasing remaining works left in the sale (+ access to workshops and film screening!)

  • DAY 3 ACCESS: Purchase tickets at $60-$75 for access to purchasing remaining works left in the sale after DAY 1 & 2, and help us close out this collaboration with exciting performances!

Adia Millett, AJ Serrano, Ajit Chauhan, Al + Holly Wong, Alexis Arnold, Alicia Escott, Amy Berk, Amy Nathan, Amy Yoshitsu, Andy Vogt, Angelica Trimble-Yanu, Annie Duncan, Anthony A Russell, Blanca Bercial, Callan Porter-Romero, Carolina Cuevas, Carlo Ricafort, Catherine Wagner, Cathy Lu, champoy, City Studio/ARTIVATE (Justin Hoover, Chris Treggiari, Amy Berk), Cherisse Alcantara, Claudia Huenchuleo, Connie Zheng, Cora Lautze, Cristine Blanco, David Huffman, David Wilson, Emma Strebel, Felix Quintana, Francesca Pastine, Francis Baker, Fredi Lopez, Gericault De La Rose, Golbanou Moghaddas, Greg Borman, Haley Harris, Helia Pouyanfar, Ilana Crispi, Jane Manning Veit, Jean Pettigrew Whelan, Jennifer Wofford, Jessica Cadkin, Jillian Crochet, Jonathan Bout, Justin R. Nagle, Kacy Jung, Katherine Sherwood, Katherine Vetne, Kelly Inoue, Kija Lucas, Laura Pacchini, Lauren Hartman, Lava Thomas, Lee Oscar Gomez, Lena Gustafson, Lenore Chinn, Leyla Jamil Rzayeva, Lexygius Sanchez Calip, Libby Black, Linda Geary, Luka Vergoz, Marcel Pardo Ariza, Marcius Noceda, Megan Wilson, Michael Arcega, Minoosh Zomorodinia, Morgann Nieto, Nahyun Kim, Natasha Loewy, Nicole Shaffer, Owen Takabayashi, Paz G, Raisa Solis, Rebecca Kaufman, Rico Duenas, Rochelle Youk, Ryan Whelan, Sam Tripodi, Sanaz Safanassab, Sarah Smith, Selby Sohn, Sergio De La Torre, Sheila Ghidini, thad higa, Tiersa Nureyev, Tricia Rainwater, Trina Michelle Robinson, Untitled Collective (Alex Ehmer) Untitled Collective (Hannah Yost), Weston Teruya, Xandra Ibarra, yétúndé olagbaju, Zoe Loa… and more

500 Capp Street and Berkeley Art Center are continuing in their collaboration to support Bay Area artists and forge partnerships that envision new models of support for our arts ecosystem. Arts & Culture thrives on deepening relationships, and we’re inviting YOU, our community to envision these new models with us! Learn more about 500 CAPP STBERKELEY ART CENTER, and CANYON CINEMA on our websites.