Let Us Persevere In What We Have Resolved Before We Forget

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"We are happy. (Silence.) What do we do now, now that we are happy?"
- Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

"John Frum prophesied the occurrence of a cataclysm in which Tanna would become flat, the volcanic mountains would fall and fill the river-beds to form fertile plains, and Tanna would be joined to the neighbouring islands of Eromanga and Aneityum to form a new island. Then John Frum would reveal himself, bringing in a reign of bliss, the natives would get back their youth and there would be no sickness; there would be no need to care for gardens, trees or pigs. The Whites would go; John Frum would set up schools to replace mission schools, and would pay chiefs and teachers."
- Peter Worsley, The Trumpet Shall Sound: a study of cargo cults in Melanesia

Language: Ni-Vanuatu
Subtitles: English

Production format: 16mm

Produced by: Ben Russell / Rouge International

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