Submitting Work

Current Canyon Cinema artist members can deposit new titles for distribution using the following film/video submission form:

note that Canyon Cinema is not accepting any new applications for distribution at this time. We are in the process of revising our review system as we work through a backlog of previous submissions.

For (non-member) artists who have submitted work for distribution consideration and have not yet received a response from us, we appreciate your patience. We will be following up in the weeks and months ahead. Submissions are reviewed approximately 1-3 times per year, by a committee composed of Canyon board, staff, and artist members, and an external specialist. This committee changes over each year.

Please Note: An annual $100 account maintenance fee is due from each Canyon artist member at the end of every calendar year. This fee goes directly towards supporting Canyon’s artist services (cataloging work, promotion, reporting, etc.).

Any questions should be directed to us via email at

For additional information on
deliverables (film prints, digital files, optical media), please consult the following info sheet (PDF).