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  1. Dorsky_Izcali_1

    Now Available: Three New Films by Nathaniel Dorsky

    Now available from Canyon Cinema: Three new 16mm portrait films by Nathaniel Dorsky, including: Caracole (for Izcali) (2023, 17.5 minutes, color, sound, 16mm, 18fps) In the last few years I have been making a series of cinematic portraits of young filmmaking friends acting as collaborators in portraiture. There is always a surprise as to what the […]

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  2. Barber_AnotherHorizon_1

    Now Available: Stephanie Barber’s Another Horizon

    Another Horizon (Stephanie Barber, 2020, 9 minutes, color, sound, 16mm) the horizon, where the sky and the earth meet, is always elsewhere, is a promised place where these two elements come together. a metaphor, an orienting, a promise of transition, change, transcendence. a place where the corporeal and spiritual meet, or are cleaved apart. here, […]

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  3. IA_Sachs_Investigation_of_A_Flame_2

    Now Available: A New Digital Restoration of Lynne Sachs’s Investigation of a Flame

    Canyon is pleased to announce that a new digital restoration of Lynne Sachs’s Investigation of a Flame (2001), an intimate, experimental documentary portrait of the Catonsville Nine, is now available. Praised by The Los Angeles Times as “A complex rumination on the power of protest,” and hailed by The Village Voice‘s Phillip Lopate as the best […]

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  4. Halpern_Hula_1

    Now Available: 20 Films + 3 Digital Videos by Amy Halpern

    Canyon Cinema is thrilled to announce the acquisition of 23 films and videos by longtime artist member Amy Halpern, all of which are new to Canyon’s collection. Highlights of this major deposit, spanning 50 years of Halpern’s career, include the early suite Opus I (Three Preparations / A Glance / Peach Landscape) (1972-73); 1978’s Cigarette […]

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  5. Muller_HomeStories

    Digital and Streaming Access

    In response to increased demand for digital access to Canyon Cinema’s catalog, we are now providing digital file and/or streaming video links for more than 1000 works in our collection. There are two ways to discover available titles: 1. Use advanced search function filtered by “digital file”2. Browse our Canyon Cinema Digital/Streaming Access Directory The […]

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  6. Wiley_Coffee_002

    Now Available: Five New Digital Files from Dorothy Wiley

    Canyon Cinema is delighted to announce the acquisition of five new digital files from longtime member Dorothy Wiley! Included amongst this new deposit are 4 titles that were previously available on 16mm – Cabbage, Letters, The Weeny Worm or the Fat Innkeeper, and Zane Forbidden – as well as one film that is new to […]

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  7. Film_by_Al_Wong

    Canyon Cinema presents Al Wong: Still Moving, August 27, 2023

    Al Wong: Still Moving Sunday, August 27, 2023, 3:45pm The Roxie Theater, San Francisco Al Wong in person! Program & Ticket Info: Canyon at The Roxie returns with a spotlight on the distinguished San Francisco artist Al Wong. This program traces the arc of Wong’s varied engagement with the moving image form, from his […]

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  8. Foglia_NegativePositiveFilm_1

    Now Available: Three New Films by Federica Foglia

    Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce that exhibition files for three new handmade films by Federica Foglia are now available, including: Negative / Positive Film (2023, 14 minutes, b&w, sound, digital file) Negative / Positive Film is a hand-made, camera-less collage film composed of layers of erotic 16mm films from 1920s, 1940s, and 1970s, intermingled with […]

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  9. Dorsky_Dialogues_1

    Now Available: Four New Films from Nathaniel Dorsky

    Now available from Canyon Cinema: Four new 16mm films by Nathaniel Dorsky made over the past year, including: Place d’Or (2023, 10 minutes, color, silent, 16mm, 18fps) A rainy autumn afternoon at North Lake in Golden Gate Park. Perhaps the “Square of Gold” is also the screen itself. – N.D. Dialogues (2022, 17.5 minutes, color, silent, 16mm, […]

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  10. Saenjaroen_Mangosteen_1

    Now Available: Tulapop Saenjaroen’s Mangosteen

    Mangosteen (Tulapop Saenjaroen, 2022, 40 minutes, color, sound, digital file) A story about storytelling: After returning to his hometown to work in his sister’s fruit processing factory, Earth slowly but surely pulls out of the family business due to his disagreement with his sister. Earth then dedicates himself to writing an abstract, gory novel. Winner […]

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    Now Available: Abigail He’s Measuring 500 Feet

    Measuring 500 Feet (Abigail He, 2021, 14 minutes, b&w, silent, 16mm) Medium: 16mm filmDimensions: 500 ft. x 5/8 in. x 1/128 in. (15240 x 1.6 x .02 cm) overall: 547 ft. x 5/8 in. x 1/128 in. (16672.6 x 1.6 x .02 cm)

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  12. TakemotoHeadshot_NicholasLeaBruno_crop_lg

    New Artist Member: TT Takemoto

    Canyon Cinema is delighted to welcome the San Francisco-based artist TT Takemoto to the collection! TT Takemoto is a queer Japanese American filmmaker exploring Asian American history, sexuality, and identity. Their experimental films delve into hidden dimensions of same-sex intimacy and trauma that exist within Asian and Asian American archives. Takemoto interacts with found footage […]

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  13. 12

    Now in Stock: Craig Baldwin: Avant to Live!

    Now available on Canyon Cinema’s online store: A new publication on the work and life of acclaimed Bay Area filmmaker and longtime Canyon artist member Craig Baldwin! Meticulously detailed, with contributions from over 50 writers, artists, illustrators, and ideologues, Craig Baldwin: Avant to Live! is the first critical text to examine the artist’s films analytically as a […]

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  14. Bourque_ByeByeNow_1

    Now Available: Louise Bourque’s Bye Bye Now

    Bye Bye Now (2022, 9.5 minutes, color, sound, 35mm or DCP) The very gesture of waving HELLO to the movie camera in itself (re)presents a recurring GOODBYE to a fleeting moment. Made in homage to my father, this film traces past lives lived in these personal 8mm family archives he left me.

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  15. Russell_AgainstTime_1

    Now Available: 12 Exhibition Files from Ben Russell

    Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce a major new deposit of digital files from Ben Russell. Included amongst this acquisition are 9 titles that are new to Canyon’s catalog (see below), as well as exhibition files for three films that were previously only available on 16mm: Black and White Trypps Number Three, Trypps #5 (Dubai), […]

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  16. Rorison_Baltimore_1

    New Artist Member: Margaret Rorison

    Canyon Cinema is pleased to welcome the Baltimore-based filmmaker, projectionist, educator, and curator Margaret Rorison to the collection! Rorison’s work aims to support and preserve contemporary filmmakers and film culture. Her current work focuses on portraiture, memory, and the precarity and beauty of nature. Her work has been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Miami PULSE […]

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  17. Whitneys_1

    New Artist Members: John and James Whitney

    Canyon Cinema is thrilled to welcome the films of John and James Whitney to the collection! John Whitney (1917-1995) is considered one of the fathers of computer animation. His works include the opening title sequence from Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo (1958), which is a collaboration work with Saul Bass; Catalogue (1961), assembled record of visual […]

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    Announcing New Streaming Partnership with Projectr EDU

    Canyon Cinema is excited to collaborate with our friends at Grasshopper Film on their new Projectr EDU streaming service! Partnering with the New York Public Library and educational institutions across North America, the free platform features nearly 1000 independent and artist-made films, archival restorations, and documentaries.  A sampling of these films includes over 100 titles from Canyon’s collection; the complete restored films of pioneering […]

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Spotlight on Raymond Rea

Walk Out
Walk Out by Raymond Rea

Walk Out

a protopunk music video

Production format: 16mm

Selected Screenings and Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; She's Leaving Home,... More »

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