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  1. ONeill_DownWind_6

    Now Available: 15 New Exhibition Files from Pat O’Neill

    Canyon Cinema is excited to announce the acquisition of 15 exhibition files from the West Coast film maestro, Pat O’Neill. This deposit includes recent digital transfers of avant-garde classics such as Water and Power (1989), Trouble in the Image (1996), and 7362 (1967), among others, as well as two video works that are new to […]

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  2. printgenerations-horizontal

    Announcing Print Generations: A Canyon Cinema Commissioning Project

    Canyon Cinema Foundation invites applications for Print Generations, a new film commissioning project. Inspired by the 16mm Centenary (1923-2023), this project will support the production of four new 16mm films by an intergenerational cohort of Bay Area artists, comprising two current Canyon members and two non-members. The program is supported by the Owsley Brown III […]

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  3. Mack_AllStars_1

    Now Available: Jodie Mack’s All Stars

    All Stars (Jodie Mack, 2006, 0.5 minutes, color, sound, digital file) A bite-sized star punch exercise in direct animation with colored acetate.

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  4. Holmes_SavingTheProof_2

    Canyon Cinema Across Time and Space @ YBCA, November 1-30, 2023

    Throughout the month of November, as part of YBCA’s Bay Area Now 9 triennial exhibition, you can experience Canyon Cinema Across Time and Space. This selection of films from the Canyon Cinema collection traces six decades of experimental filmmaking in the Bay Area; from Canyon’s original home in the East Bay hamlet of Canyon, California, to San Francisco’s frenetic […]

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  5. Solomon_Yes-I-Said-Yes-I-Will-Yes_5

    Now Available: Phil Solomon’s Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes

    Now available from Canyon Cinema: Phil Solomon’s exquisite 1999 miniature, Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes. The film screens on November 9, 2023 at Anthology Film Archives in Program 3 of the upcoming series “Lost and Found, You Still Remain There”: A Phil Solomon Retrospective, curated by Mark McElhatten. The three-program retrospective is presented […]

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  6. Laitala_FIreFlyEYE_2

    Now Available: Kerry Laitala’s Fire Fly EYE

    Fire Fly EYE (2020, 7 minutes, color, sound, digital file) “Fire Fly EYE is my response to the devastating re-making of the world brought on by anthropogenic climate change and corporate ‘stewardship’ of our natural resources. A ritual of reclamation in the face of overwhelming destruction, invoked through filming discarded consumer products, sifting spectacle out of […]

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  7. 1_Wallin_Portrait_2

    Canyon Cinema Awarded NFPF Avant-Garde Masters Grant to Preserve Two Films by Michael Wallin

    Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce that we have received a National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) – Avant-Garde Masters grant to preserve two films by Bay Area filmmaker Michael Wallin. A pioneer in San Francisco’s queer avant-garde cinema scene, Wallin began making films in 1968 while studying under experimental film legend, and Canyon Cinema co-founder, Bruce […]

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  8. Lipzin_Some-Mistakes-I-Have-Made_1-3

    Contemporary Bay Area Films from Canyon Cinema @ YBCA, 10/14/23

    Contemporary Bay Area Films from Canyon CinemaOctober 14, 2023, 3pmYerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco Presented in association with Bay Area Now 9 On view at YBCA from October 6, 2023–May 5, 2024 Program info & tickets: “Operating at the intersection of exhibition and distribution Canyon Cinema, one of the key foundations of the Bay Area film ecosystem, has presented, preserved, […]

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  9. Solomon_Empire_1

    Now Available: Phil Solomon’s Empire

    Empire (Phil Solomon, 2008-2012, 48 minutes, color, sound, digital file) A re-make of Andy Warhol’s Empire from high atop the Manhattan Island of Grand Theft Auto IV (“Liberty City”), far from the madding crowd of thieves, cops, prostitutes and murderers down below. I hijacked a copter, leaped onto the rooftop of an adjacent building, spawned a scooter out of […]

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  10. Angerame_Soul3

    October Screenings: Dominic Angerame @ The Roxie, Jeffrey Skoller @ BAMPFA, Illuminations: Jerome Hiler continues

    The Soul of Cinema: Films by Dominic AngerameOctober 7, 2023, 1:30pm The Roxie Theater, San Francisco Co-sponsored by Canyon Cinema Dominic Angerame in person! Program info & tickets: Coming soon to The Little Roxie: A screening of new, recent, and enduring films by the San Francisco cine-poet, documentarist, and former Canyon Cinema director Dominic Angerame. Since 1969, Angerame […]

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  11. Dorsky_Izcali_1

    Now Available: Three New Films by Nathaniel Dorsky

    Now available from Canyon Cinema: Three new 16mm portrait films by Nathaniel Dorsky, including: Caracole (for Izcali) (2023, 17.5 minutes, color, sound, 16mm, 18fps) In the last few years I have been making a series of cinematic portraits of young filmmaking friends acting as collaborators in portraiture. There is always a surprise as to what the […]

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  12. Halpern_Hula_1

    Now Available: 20 Films + 3 Digital Videos by Amy Halpern

    Canyon Cinema is thrilled to announce the acquisition of 23 films and videos by longtime artist member Amy Halpern, all of which are new to Canyon’s collection. Highlights of this major deposit, spanning 50 years of Halpern’s career, include the early suite Opus I (Three Preparations / A Glance / Peach Landscape) (1972-73); 1978’s Cigarette […]

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  13. Wiley_Coffee_002

    Now Available: Five New Digital Files from Dorothy Wiley

    Canyon Cinema is delighted to announce the acquisition of five new digital files from longtime member Dorothy Wiley! Included amongst this new deposit are 4 titles that were previously available on 16mm – Cabbage, Letters, The Weeny Worm or the Fat Innkeeper, and Zane Forbidden – as well as one film that is new to […]

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  14. Film_by_Al_Wong

    Canyon Cinema presents Al Wong: Still Moving, August 27, 2023

    Al Wong: Still Moving Sunday, August 27, 2023, 3:45pm The Roxie Theater, San Francisco Al Wong in person! Program & Ticket Info: Canyon at The Roxie returns with a spotlight on the distinguished San Francisco artist Al Wong. This program traces the arc of Wong’s varied engagement with the moving image form, from his […]

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  15. Foglia_NegativePositiveFilm_1

    Now Available: Three New Films by Federica Foglia

    Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce that exhibition files for three new handmade films by Federica Foglia are now available, including: Negative / Positive Film (2023, 14 minutes, b&w, sound, digital file) Negative / Positive Film is a hand-made, camera-less collage film composed of layers of erotic 16mm films from 1920s, 1940s, and 1970s, intermingled with […]

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  16. Saenjaroen_Mangosteen_1

    Now Available: Tulapop Saenjaroen’s Mangosteen

    Mangosteen (Tulapop Saenjaroen, 2022, 40 minutes, color, sound, digital file) A story about storytelling: After returning to his hometown to work in his sister’s fruit processing factory, Earth slowly but surely pulls out of the family business due to his disagreement with his sister. Earth then dedicates himself to writing an abstract, gory novel. Winner […]

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    Now Available: Abigail He’s Measuring 500 Feet

    Measuring 500 Feet (Abigail He, 2021, 14 minutes, b&w, silent, 16mm) Medium: 16mm filmDimensions: 500 ft. x 5/8 in. x 1/128 in. (15240 x 1.6 x .02 cm) overall: 547 ft. x 5/8 in. x 1/128 in. (16672.6 x 1.6 x .02 cm)

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  18. TakemotoHeadshot_NicholasLeaBruno_crop_lg

    New Artist Member: TT Takemoto

    Canyon Cinema is delighted to welcome the San Francisco-based artist TT Takemoto to the collection! TT Takemoto is a queer Japanese American filmmaker exploring Asian American history, sexuality, and identity. Their experimental films delve into hidden dimensions of same-sex intimacy and trauma that exist within Asian and Asian American archives. Takemoto interacts with found footage […]

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    Announcing New Streaming Partnership with Projectr EDU

    Canyon Cinema is excited to collaborate with our friends at Grasshopper Film on their new Projectr EDU streaming service! Partnering with the New York Public Library and educational institutions across North America, the free platform features nearly 1000 independent and artist-made films, archival restorations, and documentaries.  A sampling of these films includes over 100 titles from Canyon’s collection; the complete restored films of pioneering […]

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Spotlight on Janie Geiser

Arbor by Janie Geiser


Digital video (shot on 16mm film)

Sound collage: Janie Geiser
Sound Mix: Kari Rae Seekins

From a set... More »

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