Canyon Cinema Pop-Up

The Canyon Cinema Pop-Up was a three-week occupation of KADIST‘s storefront space in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. The initiative, which took place December 4-21, 2013, presented a broad selection from Canyon’s deep history, made accessible to the viewing public in the form of a video-library-loan program.

The public was invited to browse through and loan up to three titles from a collection of over 150 DVDs from over 50 artists that showcase the breadth and strengths of Canyon Cinema. Visually modeled on the video rental store, the Canyon Cinema Pop-Up stayed true to the aesthetics of Canyon’s past, while arguing for the relevance and visual experience of film in a networked future.

In the room adjacent to the Pop-Up was a micro-cinema designed to enable visitors to instantly preview some of the works available for loan. It was also used for the presentation of 16mm screening programs and discussions by local filmmakers and scholars.

Click HERE for information about the project and related events. 

Participating Filmmakers:

Gary Adlestein | Peggy Ahwesh | Bruce Baillie | Claire R. Bain | Craig Baldwin | LeAnn Bartok | Sergio Bátiz | Jon Behrens | Gregg Biermann | Bill Brand | Gina Carducci | John Carney | Maïa Cybelle Carpenter | Paul Clipson | Cathy Crane | Bill Creston | Sandra L. Davis | Tom DeWitt | Valie Export | Victor P. Faccinto | Anna Geyer | Warren A. Haack | Barbara Hammer | Amy Halpern | Jim Hubbard | Chuck Hudina | Robert Huot | Takahiko Iimura | Denah Johnston | Lawrence Jordan |  Shiho Kano | Lynn Marie Kirby | Saul Levine | Janis Crystal Lipzin | Rose Lowder | Kate  McCabe | Toney Merritt | Andy Moore | Albert Nigrin | Tomonari Nishikawa | Tom Palazzolo | Eric Patrick | Antoni Pinent | Dana Plays | Luther Price | Abraham Ravett | Mary Beth Reed | Michael Robinson | Jay Rosenblatt | Ken Paul Rosenthal | Ben Russell | Lynne Sachs | Paul Sharits | Elizabeth Sher | Scott Stark | Mark Street | Mattilda B. Sycamore | Tyler Turkle | Walter Ungerer | Michael Wallin | Michael P. Walsh | Philip O. Weisman | Mark Wilson