Prices listed in Canyon Cinema’s distribution catalog for film and digital media rental reflect the fee for a single screening of that title. This fee includes rental of the title in the specified format as well as public performance rights for a single screening. Additional handling fees and surcharges may apply. To make a booking request or obtain a quote for a screening refer to our Access Request page.

Complete terms for booking and licensing films and digital media from Canyon Cinema may be found in our current loan agreement:
Canyon Cinema 2023-24 Loan Agreement

Before a booking can be fulfilled Canyon Cinema Foundation requires that customers complete and return to us a copy of this Loan Agreement. The term of the agreement is one year (September 1 through August 31) and covers all loans occurring during that year.

Booking requests must be submitted no less than 2 weeks in advance of the requested screening date(s). Rush charges may apply to late requests.

We cannot quote shipping rates, as we only ship on provided FedEx, DHL, and UPS accounts.

Film should be secured on reel by a generous piece of acid-free paper tape. Return shipment of prints to our office should be securely packed and taped, failure to do so can result in damage and/or loss of prints. See pg. 53, Ch. 5.8 in the Film Preservation Guide

Any payment by check should be issued to Canyon Cinema Foundation (FEIN 46-0649341) as noted on your invoice. Any check issued to Canyon Cinema Inc. is subject to a $35 returned check fee.