Now available: DEAL!! by Gary Adlestein & Jerry Orr

Posted February 14th, 2020 in New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

“The most important aspect to Adlestein‘s approach to video is that it is irrefutably and defiantly filmic. … It is sublimely tactile where most videos tend to be impersonally cool and hard. …”
-Albert Kilchesty, film curator and author

Jerry Orr is an audio-visual alchemist. He does with the two-dimensional image of film and video what Einstein has done to the three dimensions of space and time … made it relative and so very elastic!” – Mike Kuchar

DEAL!! (2019 | 4 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

Agitprop video made in solidarity with growing riesistance to Trumpian tyranny in today’s (2019) America (with dollops of grotesque satire informed by patafreudian analysis of D.T.’s problems).