Now available: New digital works from Raymond Rea

Posted February 20th, 2020 in New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

Raymond Rea is a filmmaker and writer. He worked for over a decade as with San Francisco’s Theatre Rhubarb, a company dedicated to staging rarely seen and risk-taking theatre works. His own production company, Density Over Duration, has produced 8 stage works, 8 short films and an experimental narrative feature. His film and video work has screened nationally and internationally.

The Album (2015 | 15 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

I was given a photo album that had been created by a late Great Uncle, Warren Sturgis, after his death in 1997. Turning the pages I found a document to his Pre-Stonewall New York City and Cherry Grove life. Incorporating a spread of ingredients, from the photos themselves to research in the Manuscripts and Archives Division of the New York Public Library, The Album tells a story about objects from the past, their legacy in the present, and all photography.

Cat’s Cradle (2011 | 4 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

Cat’s Cradle is an experimental animation and a collaboration between filmmaker Raymond Rea of Density Over Duration and sound artist Helena Thompson of Purest Spiritual Pigs. Combining analog 16mm xerox animation and traditional rotoscope with digital visual effects, this raw film/video plots the beauty of a failed attempt.

Hear (1991 | 4 minutes | B&W | SOUND)

A triptych contrasting the noise of the street with the forced silence of institutionalization.