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Now Available: Markus Maicher’s Blätter im Herbst (Leaves in Autumn)

Posted February 8th, 2022 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New Digital Files, News / Events

Now available from Canyon Cinema: Markus Maicher‘s Blätter im Herbst (Leaves in Autumn), which screens this Friday, February 11th at The University of Chicago‘s Film Studies Center, as part of the 4-program series “This Radiant World: Recent and Retrospective Experimental Films.” 7pm, free!


Blätter im Herbst (Leaves in Autumn) (Markus Maicher, 2018, 4 minutes, color, sound, digital file)

In Blätter im Herbst (Leaves in Autumn) a color negative was exposed multiple times and cross-processed to a positive by hand. The motif of leaves moving in the wind, which fascinated audiences with the invention of film, is taken up and transformed into an other-worldly experience. A breeze gently brushes through the branches, light violently flashes in the cracks of celluloid. It used to be summer, now it is autumn. The title is an homage to Kurt Kren’s structural film Bäume im Herbst (Trees in Autumn).