Daniel Barnett’s White Heart available on DVD

Posted December 11th, 2017 in New Acquisitions, New DVDs, News / Events

Cinematic philosopher Daniel Barnett’s rare and influential film White Heart is now available for individual and institutional sale on DVD.


White Heart (1975 | 53 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

“Daniel Barnett is a leading experimental filmmaker who develops complex metaphors in his films out of rephotography and other post-production techniques…White Heart is his longest and most ambitious work. Barnett’s film consists of many disparate images, chosen for their strong sensual qualities, coupled with a labyrinthine and equally sensual soundtrack. After establishing the basic images, Barnett begins to interweave them, exaggerating certain qualities (color, texture) during printing. A mundane shot of a man jerkily spraying down an empty lot is adjusted so his shirt becomes a brilliant red glare. A super close-up of a fingertip holding a match is contrasty enough so every particle of sweat glistens in the lens. Concurrent sounds are similarly exaggerated and contribute to the sensual wash…Shots are joined so that each moment resonates differently in time.”
-Steve Anker