Canyon Cinema Confessions

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Volume 2, Issue 1 February 2015A Lucas Foundation grant, new prints from Bruce Baillie, Mark LaPore, and Robert Huot, Jerome Hiler arrives, spotlights on Bill Brand and Peggy Ahwesh, Salon recaps, distribution strategies, and paying artists for their work.

Volume 1, Issue 8 November 2014New prints from Robert Huot and Tomonari Nishikawa, Nathaniel Dorsky in Vienna, spotlights on Daina Krumins and Lewis Klahr, curated programs and “From Vault to Screen” wrap-up, and celebrations of Curt McDowell in San Francisco.

Volume 1, Issue 7 September 2014The return of Dominic Angerame’s films to the collection, DVDs from Beth Block and Peter Tscherkassky, a spotlight on Victor Faccinto and the James Broughton centenary, the Salon kicks off its fall season, and a short documentary on Luther Price.

Volume 1, Issue 6 July 2014 Canyon Cinema Foundation’s new nonprofit status, DVD excerpts of Rolls 1971, spotlights on Abigail Child and Peter Tscherkassky, Barbara Hammer on projection, “From Vault to Screen” continues, and Phil Solomon on Stan Brakhage.

Volume 1, Issue 5 June 2014New releases from Phil Weisman, an interview with Ekrem Serdar from Experimental Response Cinema, Doug Wendt’s Salon, collaborating with the National Gallery of Art on “From Vault to Screen,” and a sixties report on “The Making of an Underground Film.”

Volume 1, Issue 4 May 2014DVDs from Larry Gottheim, new Mark LaPore prints, how to save film, an interview with Mia Ferm of the Cinema Project, David Cox’s anecdotal history of Other Cinema, and scans from Canyon CinemaNews on our blog.

Volume 1, Issue 3 April 2014A newly preserved print of Bruce Baillie’s Little Girl back in circulation (plus a special bathtub tape recording), DVDs from Sergio Batiz and Alice Anne Parker Severson, spotlights on Richard Myers and Janis Crystal Lipzin, a Salon with Lawrence Jordan, queer cinema in Oakland and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Volume 1, Issue 2 March 2014Chris Cogan’s No Moon, a new film and DVDS from Lawrence Jordan, spotlights on Alexis Krasilovsky and Nathaniel Dorsky, the Canyon Cinema Salon, an essay by Anna Geyer, and the 2014 SF Cinematheque Crossroads festival.

Volume 1, Issue 1 February 2014 Spotlights on Lynne Sachs and Roger Jacoby, programs by Director of Operations Denah Johnston and Collection Manager Antonella Bonfanti, return of Robert Nelson’s Suite California films, partnership with the Millennium Film Journal.