Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

"Perfect works have a way of appearing unobtrusive or simple, the complexities seeming to be so correct that they flow - mesmerize one through their form - a form that bespeaks of harmony between many aesthetic concerns. ... Larry Gottheim's DOORWAY is such a film. His concern for working with edges, isolating details, the prominence of the frame as a shape and revealer of edges, love of photographic texture, are all dealt with lucidly in this film. ... One is drawn into these beautiful images through Gottheim's poetic feel for photographic qualities - i.e., light, movement, texture - his ability to transform a landscape through his rigorous use of the frame to isolate in order to call attention to a heretofore hidden beauty revealed through a highly selective eye." - Barry Gerson, Film Culture

Ideal frame rate for DOORWAY is 16fps. If this speed is not available, 18fps is acceptable.

Rental Fees

16mm film, 18 fps $60.00  

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