Via Sound

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

VIA SOUND is a string of vignettes from a trip to Italy and Yugoslavia. As the title implies, this film should be seen through listening. The Super 8 medium offered the exciting possibility of editing in-camera both sound and images simultaneously.

"There is a simple unpretentiousness here - a rarity in avant-garde - winning in its obviousness. With incredibly supple Super 8 sound equipment, Zdravic has found in the everyday world images of ravishing beauty that Kubrick, for all his Zeiss lenses and steadicams, can't match.

"Zdravic emerges as a talent of major proportions, and the form he has chosen to work in is once and for all snatched from its lowly 'home-movie' context. Zdravic shows that it can be a vital means of cinematic expression if intelligently used." - David Ehrenstein, Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Exhibition: 20 years of American 8mm and S8 films Retrospective, Anthology Film Archives, 1981

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