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1 movement and time 2 light and darkness 3 an instrument 4 material 5 a blink of an eye 6 a mirror

A Tableau-Film, to be continued.

"However - my work has been in the direction of scientific research. I have never engaged in what is termed 'production'," said Louis Lumiere in his last interview in 1948. Like him, other pioneers of film, like Georges D?meny and Etienne-Jules Marey, developed and used their inventions as instruments for their scientific investigations. Starting from their first chronophotographic series, upcoming scientists of our century have used film, exploiting all kinematographic possibilities, and including other, parallel to film developed methods for the production of images, like the x-ray technique, as an instrument for the exploration of the world. The film-images produced within this process have not only changed our perception of the world, but our imagination of life and death as well.

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