19 Scenes Relating to a Trip to Japan (Double Projection 16mm) 2 reels

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Two moving pictures side by side relating to each other in various simple ways, to a woman singing six songs about ephemeral love, and to my visit in Japan.

That here is no lasting union, only passing relation, is a recurring statement in Japanese poetry. This idea is taken with a light heart in linked poetry (a peculiar kind of sport-art), and with a tragic sense in love poems. I tried to arrange the material to accommodate both movements, pleasant and melancholic.

Through photographic process, also by superimposition, rapid alternation and the double screen format, there's a constant refraction through textures. The shifting of the differences between what you're looking at, what you think you're seeing and what it means to you are a little like the instabilities you feel thinking about your own life. I think the songs also refer to this.

Song translation included.

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