I My Bike

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A cinepoem thattraces the conflict between urban space and the body from a child's compulsion to stare into the sun to an adult's obsession with dying and moving towards the light. Guided into a trance state by an unseen therapist, a disembodied voice reveals his loss of innocence upon moving to the city, his increasingly fragmented state of being and longing for death. The past and present collide within a round portal containing fleeting images of 1905-era Market Street, San Francisco over a dense sea of modern day bicyclists.

Awards: Film Arts Foundation Award, Humboldt International Film Festival, 2002; Honorable Mention, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Germany, 2002.

Exhibition:Director's Lounge, Germany, 2008; AudioVision Gallery, England, 2008; Festival
Internacional, Cuba, 2007; Anthology Film Archives, 2005; Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, 2005; The Art Museum of the University of Houston, 2003; Anthology Film Archives, 2003; Bicycle Film Festival, NY, 2003; Cine Poem Festival, San Francisco, 2003; Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema, 2003; ICON Digital Salon, NY, 2003; Museu do Chiado, Museum of Contemporary Cinema, Portugal, 2003; Poetry International Festival, Rotterdam, 2003; San Francisco Camerawork, 2003; Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2002; Artists Television Access, San Francisco, 2002; Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2002; Sarah Lawrence Experimental Film & Video Festival, 2002; San Francisco Cinematheque, 2001; Singapore International Film Festival, 2002; Video Ex Festival, Switzerland, 2002; Splice This! Super 8 Film Festival, Canada, 2001.

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