De Luce 2: Architectura

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Super 8mm transferred to video

Light & photo-chemistry collide and conspire against 12 different architectural backdrops suspending and dissolving celluloid matter into a luminosity reminiscent of Mark Rothko's radiant field paintings.

The original film was shot on super-8mm film in Paris, Norway, Toronto, Wyoming, Colorado, Chicago, Cincinnati, Napa Valley & southern and northern California between 1983 and 2012, and then painstakingly hand-processed.

De Luce 2: Architectura is the second film in the artist's "De Luce" (On Light) series that was inspired by this medieval text: "In the beginning of time, light drew out matter, along with itself, into a mass as great as the fabric of the world." - Robert Grosseteste (1170-1253)

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