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Ode is the final section of the quartet... there is now the presence of death and dying as the dry summer begins. ND

For the past several years California experienced an extreme drought. Several winter rainy seasons with barely any rainfall. But this past winter good fortune brought a bountiful amount of storms and liquid refreshment. The spring that followed took on magical and celebratory qualities of energy, joy, fullness, and rebirth.

In walking distance from my apartment is San Francisco's Arboretum located in Golden Gate Park. I decided that I would make a film now on a single subject and that subject would be the light, not the objects, but the sacredness of the light itself in this splendid garden. What I did not know is that the great beauty of this magnificent spring would bring forth not one, but four films, each one immediately following the previous. I began the second week of February to photograph and finished the editing of the fourth film during the first days of August.

These four films spontaneously manifested as four stages of life: childhood, youth, maturity, and old age. ELOHIM (31 min.) was photographed in early spring, the week of the lunar new year, the very spirit of Creation. ABATON (19 min.) was photographed a few weeks later in the full ripeness of spring, the very purity and passion of the Garden. CODA (16 min.) was photographed in late spring, in the aftermath of this purity, the first shades of mortality and Knowledge appearing. And finally, ODE (20 min.), photographed in early summer, is a soft textured song of the Fallen, the dissonant reds of death, seeds and rebirth. - Nathaniel Dorsky

This film is part of a series to be projected in the following order: Elohim, Abaton, Coda and Ode.

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