Payment of Teresa Videla, The

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A documentary film about an Argentine army officer who discovers the secret police use of political prisoners for sex exploitation film purposes and protests after the murder of a young girl.

"La soiree terminera dans le sang avec LE PAIEMENT DE TERESA VIDELA une seance de torture dans une quelconque dictature d'Amerique du Sud. Douze minutes de sadisme, un documentaire insoutenable qui reconstitue des faits reels, une 'bavure' a la dimension chilienne. Incroyable, bestial, inhumain, et pourtant, cela se passe la-bas du cote de Buenos Aires ou Santiago ...." - La Voix Du Nord

Awards: SECA Award, SF Museum of Modern Art, 1978; Palo Alto Film Festival, 1980; Bronze Award, Information Film Producers of America Competition, 1980; Finalist, American Film/Video Festival, 1981; Second Prize, Dramatic Presentations, Baltimore Int'l Film Festival, 1981; Prize of First Work, Lille Film Festival, 1981; Golden Eagle Award, Institute of Amateur Cinematographers in London, 1984.

Purchased for broadcast by Suisse Romande, 1981.

Collection: University of Pennsylvania

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