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Title Description Filmmaker Year Format Color Sound Length
  Six Films By Tyler Turkle (Special Package) Special Package - 6 films on one reel:
Walk That ...
Tyler Turkle   16mm film     38 mins
  Tyler Turkle: Films and Videos 1973-2012 - including: Harry Crews - Survival is Triumph Enough, Smokey Wears Pantyhose, Walk That Dog, Observeillance, Excess, Black Noise, and Fast, The Last Days of Eddie Marsicano, and more... 3 Volume DVD Set

Volume One: 16mm Films...
Tyler Turkle 1973-2008 DVD COLOR/B&W SOUND 192 mins
Cut A peculiar homage to the things that go wrong, thi... Tyler Turkle 1976 16mm film B&W SOUND 4 mins
  Excess, Black Noise, and Fast Moving Pictures Seventy seconds of furiously energetic filmmaking ... Tyler Turkle 1981 16mm film COLOR SOUND 1 mins
  Lincoln Logs For Jesus "Playing on all of Tyler Turkle's previous intervi... Tyler Turkle 1978 16mm film B&W SOUND 5 mins
Observeillance A lyrical tour guide takes the viewer on a trip do... Tyler Turkle 1975 16mm film COLOR SOUND 3 mins
  Quiet Afternoon with Strangers, A "A 'silent' interview, QUIET AFTERNOON is the most... Tyler Turkle 1977 16mm film B&W SILENT 9 mins
Walk That Dog A chance meeting between the artist, ten young boy... Tyler Turkle 1974 16mm film B&W SOUND 16 mins
  Last Days of Eddie Marsicano, The Stricken with a rare and deadly type of cancer, wr... Tyler Turkle 1994   COLOR SOUND 30 mins
Seminoles, Alligators, and Football Players (a Florida Rivalry) Born and bred in the deep South, the football riva... Tyler Turkle 2003 DVD-R     31 mins
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