New on 16mm: Alan Berliner’s Nobody’s Business

Posted May 3rd, 2010 in New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events


Nobody’s Business by Alan Berliner (16mm, 1996)

“A storyteller of profound scope and an editor of eye-popping skill, Berliner ultimately coaxes a hugely entertaining story out of his relatives — an Albert Brooks comedy with the gravity of personal history. ” — CITY PAGES The News and Arts Weekly of the Twin Cities

“A gift to the whole human family — hilarious, tender, provocative, witty, touching, instructive and, as with all works of art, exhilarating.” — NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK

“What leapfrogs Berliner’s work to the head of the pack is a combination of passionate involvement, cool/detached intellect, thematic consistency that mirrors the universal in the personal… and a virtual inability to bore the viewer. A Berliner hour is like a New York minute — a lot happens in a short amount of time, and it’s over before you know it.” — Morrie Warshawski, CHICAGO JEWISH STAR

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