Celebrating Canyon Cinema: “Observe” Screening

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Still from Gary Beydler’s Hand Held Day (1976)

Celebrating Canyon Cinema: Observe – November 3, 2012

Celebrating Canyon Cinema: Observe
12noon, 2 and 4 pm, November 3, 2012
McBean Theater

The Exploratorium is pleased to present the second installment in a series of three programs featuring undiscovered gems from Canyon’s Cinema’s collection. This family-friendly selection of films considers the various ways a filmmaker can chose to observe. Using single film frames flashing quickly or multiple vantage points in a single image, these filmmakers explore how the perception of the observer can, with the slightest shift, can be entirely transformed. Canyon Cinema is a San Francisco–based filmmakers’ cooperative specializing in the distribution of avant-garde and experimental films.

The program for November 3 is as follows:

Blazes (1961, 3 min, 16mm) Switching between 100 individual images painted directly on the film for exactly 1000 frames, Robert Breer’s Blazes challenges how we observe; moving rapidly, shifting suddenly, going in and out of focus. With a pulsating soundtrack, the experience becomes synesthetic and subconscious.

Hand-Held Day (1976, 6 min, 16mm) East and west meet in a single frame in a time-lapsed observation of a full day in the Arizona desert. Holding a mirror in front of the camera, Gary Beydler captures the subtle nuances of light and significant differences in perception possible in a seemingly contained space.

Om (1986, 4 min, 16mm) Deceptive in its simplicity, John Smith’s film exploits and manipulates the power of suggestion, using visual cues to engage our proclivity for stereotyping before visually – and ideologically – thwarting expectations.

Up and Down the Waterfront (1946, 8 min, 16mm) A masterful city symphony, Rudy Burckhardt’s Up and Down the Waterfront sets the quotidian activities of the post-War New York City waterfront to a mournful jazz score.

Full press release: http://press.exploratorium.edu/celebrating-canyon-cinema-observe-november-3-2012/

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